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Cost of flying a Beech Bonanza A36 Model

Attention: This Beech Bonanza A36 is currently for sale. Please contact +44 (0)7880 736073

Bonanzas may be a little more expensive to operate than a 40 year old Cessna but then they go much faster than most other piston aircraft and therefore often work out less costly per mile. At standard cruise you can expect around 165knots IAS so it will get you and up to 5 passengers (weight and balance considered of course) to your destination faster. Bonanza's are high quality and beautiful to fly and reasonably economic with their efficient design. A Cessna 182 can do around 125 knots at 10-11 gallons per hour. A Bonanza can do 135 knots at the same fuel burn carrying six people in style.
What's more if you can cruise up to 176 knots or even more with lighter loads on board.

Having said that fuel cost should not be the issue here. Put simply there is no comparison. Once you have felt the solid controls of a Bonanza A-36 you will never want to fly a Piper or Cessna again.

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