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Beech Bonanza for sale ~ A36 Bonanza for Sale

Attention: This Beech Bonanza A36 is currently for sale. Please contact +44 (0)7880 736073

Welcome to the homepage of Beech Bonanza A36 G-FOZZ which is based at Blackpool Airport. G-FOZZ is a 1993 manufactured model and is owned by Go To Air Ltd. (This plane was previously registered as N-345SF)

Bonanza in Cumbernauld G-FOZZ is in excellent condition with only 1500 hours from new and is fully IFR equipped with Dual Garmin 430's, a King HSI, a Garmin GTX330 Mode S Transponder, WX1000E stormscope linked to the Garmin 430's, A full King KFC200 Autopilot with flight director and
glideslope coupling, a 6 place Garmin Audio Panel and a Garmin GPS Map 296 for backup. Bose Noise canceling headsets for the pilot and copilot are also included together with 4 more headsets and life jackets and a 6 person life raft. G-FOZZ was fitted with a factory brand new Continental IO550-B approximately 200 hours ago.

About The Beech Bonanza A36

The Beech Bonanza A36 is a powerful 6 place retractable touring aircraft. If you can afford that little bit more per hour are sick of flying in old worn out club aircraft then this is the plane for you. A Bonanza A36 is a practical 6 seat plane for very few restrictions on weight and balance although of course care is still required when loading any aircraft in this class. If you are thinking of hiring a non-complex Warrior or 172 or lesser plane then think again. In a very short time depending on experience you will easily be able to convert to the A36 Beech Bonanza. Whilst you do have to think a little ahead of some of the slower G.A. fleet due to the 's extra turn of speed, once you have flown it you will never go back. The Beech Bonanza A36 is a supremely stable aircraft and powerful enough to climb out of situations even with full flap down.

Go To Air Ltd, the operators of G-FOZZ also are the publishers and operators of the FABS Free Aircraft Booking System. We have built our own aircraft booking system for groups and flying clubs and provide it free of charge for the whole aviation community across the world. If you are a member of G-FOZZ flying group you can see availability at any time and log in and make bookings instantly using the system.

Our Bonanza is low hours and fastidiously maintained and if you care about flying the best in Piston aircraft then this Beech Bonanza A36 is great value per money on a per seat per mile basis. Covering almost twice the distance of a Warrior per hour and in great comfort and with all the safety aspects of the the latest equipment and an approach certified autopilot, you will feel confident to fly that bit further.

The popular, relatively high performance Beech Bonanza A36 began in 1946 and has been the only light aircraft to continue in production through aviation's dark period in the 80's when Cessna and Piper and others stopped manufacturing due to overbearing product liability laws. Beech continued to make the hugely popular Bonanzas and In May 1996, the Bonanza achieved another milestone when the 3,000th straight-tailed Model 36 rolled off the production line, and 1997 marked the 50 th anniversary of continuous Bonanza production. The Bonanza 35/36 holds the distinction of one of the most successful aircraft in aviation history, with more than 17,000 built, as well as one of the most prolific, remaining in continuous production from 1947 to this day.
The retractable undercarriage A36 Bonanza has a 300 horse Power Continental engine which burns between 8 and 19 gallons of fuel per hour and will cruise at speeds of up to 176 knots. A typical reasonably economic cruise will see around 160 knots for about 15.5 U.S. gallons per hours. (about 12.5 UK Gallons of fuel). Hire is priced at this cruise speed.

The Beechcraft Bonanza is the only light touring plane certified in the Utility category and this is a
testament to its incredible strength. In a Bonanza you can lower the gear and flaps at a massive 154 knots which will soon put the brakes on. No other light plane can be used in this way. The A36 is certified up to a huge 4.4g. Beechcraft openly gloat about the fine tolerances in their specially built engines and extra rivets and dual wing spars that make the A36 the strongest plane in its class.

Its not just in the air that Bonanzas are a class apart. Land G-FOZZ at your destination and expect to have people asking you about it. People love Bonanzas and rightly so. They look even better in the flesh and make you feel how flying really should.

For further information just call us or email us.

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Mob: 07880 736073

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